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Not convinced yet? Here are some of the values I hold and a bit more detail on my unconventional background to build the intrigue.

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Mission & Values

No push to publish. This publication has no set schedule. I will only publish when I have something to share.

No ads, affiliates, or annoyances. Content on this publication will be not monetized in any way beyond paid subscriptions. I don’t do paid articles or endorsements.

Actionable insights. Incendiary rhetoric might be emotionally satisfying but has no place here. Opinions yes, rants no.

Context, not correction. Getting it right is important. I won’t erase mistakes without explanation but transparently put them into context to steer the discourse towards the truth.

Adult to adult. I don’t pretend to be objective. I’m often sarcastic. I’m treating my readers as adults capable of critical thinking, always assuming good faith.

Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Pierre.

My professional life has been a wild ride, starting with genetics and brain-computer interfaces, followed by several stints as both a startup founder (hardware and software) and consultant (acceleration, grants, exits). The last acquisition I was part of has now thrust me into the wonderful world of enterprise software. As Technical Program Manager, I drive projects touching dozens of engineering teams and hundreds of thousands of customers across NA, EMEA, and APAC.

I’m still in love with IT security and the policymaking based on it and have spoken at and hosted quite a few events over the years, from domestic policy forums to tech industry meet-ups. Occasionally, I share my research or opinions with journalists online and on TV/radio. Who labeled me as everything from a “perpetrator” to a “whitehat.” I have influenced policy and been yelled at by politicians (a rite of passage in my book). My research helped prove government misinformation and protected thousands of people from identity theft. I’m also an open-source developer, more about that on GitHub.

All of the people and systems I had the fortune of interacting with, across all ages, wealth, and cultural boundaries, have left me deeply interested in the psychology and politics of workplaces, markets, and relationships. The intersection of this, and all of the above, is what I explore in this publication's content.

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